Hey there,

Thanks for visiting my website! My name is Cassie Loretta Smith, but usually people just call me Cass. I grew up in Montana City and Helena, Montana. I currently live in Missoula, Montana with my sweet partner, Jon. i work as a bartender at my favorite bar in town, called the dram shop. I have been creating art since I was little, but started taking it more seriously a couple of years ago. 

my first art show was called ppl w/smartphones. it was a mixed media series involving pen and ink illustrations and sparkly watercolor. the show's intention was to be a journalistic entry of the way people currently interact with their phones and the world. 

my second show was called may flowers. this show was also a mixed media series involving pen and ink illustrations, but on wood with pressed flowers and modge podge. the subject was mountains and the idea was to do all of the shading with patterns and have the sky represented by pressed flowers. the show was a huge success, and gave me the confidence to continue working on the pen and ink illustrations on wood, but instead of using pressed flowers, i now use wood finish. 

since the show in may, 2019, i have sold approximately 75 original pieces of this series, and countless prints. i sell my work at various restaurants, bars, stores, pop up shops, and craft fairs. 

i have also done commissioned illustration work for some of my favorite local companies, such as drum coffee, oddpitch brewing, and missoula avalanche. as well as several commissioned personal pieces that relate to my current series.

i am alway learning new skills and am open to new possibilities. if you have a commissioned project that you think i might be interested in, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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